Our Products and Platforms
VBS specializes in learning how your organization does business and then customizing one or more of our programs to meet your company's requirements.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

A loyalty rewards program is a structured marketing effort that rewards, and therefore encourages, loyal buying behavior – behavior which is beneficial to your business.

Referral Programs

Built-in programs drive “new” prospects directly to your site and collect key qualifying marketing information.

Perks Marketing Program

Low cost perks memberships that can be used for incentives to generate prospects.

Employee Benefit Programs

Our loyalty rewards platform can be used effectively as an employee benefit program.

Member and/or owner benefit programs

Give your existing members and owners greater value in their relationships with you by offering a loyalty rewards program.

Existing Program Enhancement to Your Primary Offering

Give your sales program a boost with a cutting edge addition with one of our customizable platforms.

Timeshare Conversion, Exchange and Rental Platforms

This is a unique program in which ANY week of timeshare ownership can be accepted into the platform and monetized into "spendable credits", anywhere on your site (as well as for paying "fees"). In addition, this program has a free rental & exchange platform as well.

Everyday Savings Platform

Immediately impact your member’s budget in a positive way as a stand-alone product offering – as a Vacation Network.