Not a Link Farm
VBS is quite unique in offering a private branded platform that does not link-out to multiple other vendor sites. Unlike many of the sites that link out to hundreds of other providers, your members remain on your site for ALL their transactions.

Self-Contained Website

This unique feature gives the user the sense that you are assisting them with all of their needs and you’re not relinquishing that duty to others. Should the member choose to book a car from Alamo, a Cruise on Disney or purchase a pair of Bass shoes, everything is done through your private label website. This assures you that the member has access to everything on-line on your site while continually bringing them back to the website, establishing brand awareness.
“We’ve always enjoyed traveling, but planning has always been time consuming. We now spend far less time searching and planning and more time doing the things we love.”

In addition, the self-contained website is easy to use, as it has:
  • Loyalty reward programs
  • Referral programs
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Member and/or owner benefit programs
  • Everyday savings platform
  • Timeshare conversion, exchange and rental platforms