Exclusive to VBS
The strength of VBS is not only in the programs it has to offer, but in the unique "exclusive" platforms that we supply our clients and their members.

Monetization of ALL Weeks

Our timeshare-focused platform accepts any and all timeshare weeks owned by members. The weeks are converted into credits using the V.O.I.C.E. application. The credits can be used throughout the system for purchases (rather than cash). The member may search and shop before they deposit, giving them greater flexibility.

Reward Credits

The platforms accept either cash and/or reward credits. Reward credits are given to members, as a reward, for any and all transactions done on the website. In fact, we give reward credits to the members for flights they have purchased anywhere from any site.

Control Panel

This program continually gathers marketing data, behind the scenes. The program develops a user profile based on the member’s searches and site use. The data is real time showing log-ins, reservations, credits awarded and weeks deposited. In addition to having the ability to re-market the members, based on the metrics collected, there are built-in methods to communicate directly with the members, by a select group or individually.

Concierge Services and Member Support

Concierge appointments, Video tutorial, Live chat, On-line member guide and Contact Us are features which can be selected and configured on most platforms.