Three years ago, our innovative development team emerged with a flexible, customizable product that combines several applications into several all-encompassing platforms. The platforms were created as a loyalty or membership interface combining a variety of products and services with an integrated rewards application that can be programmed to any algorithm.

Landing Page

We offer several types of landing page; either direct log in or through your existing web site.

Built-in Upgrade Program

Our platforms can be configured with a variety of features and benefits. This lends itself to a built-in upgrade program allowing the member to increase in benefits as they step up to another level.

Guest Passes

All of the platforms can be set up with a flexible guest pass program. Depending on the platform, these guest passes can be made available to the guest at no cost or for a fee. In addition, access to guest passes can be limited; restricted to "hooked&" tours or to specific resort inventory.

Employee Packages

The CP allows the private label to pull together "offers" or vacation packages that would be offered to a limited group. This is great for employee incentives.

Special Member Inventory Tabs

This allows you to list your inventory separate from the system-wide inventory, taking members straight to your hotel or resort.

Control Panel Metrics

Most of our private labels are using only a portion of the information that comes through the CP. Depending on the reports and information you wish to collect, the CP can be easily programmed to accommodate your needs.

Membership Tiers

Not only is there already built-in membership levels, but you can set up each level to have membership tiers. This allows you to have a greater number of upgrade opportunities.